Awakening to Spiritual Plane Reality

awakening Sep 27, 2023

Understanding the Bigger Picture (Part 2): The Spaceship View.

What does it really mean to 'wake up'?

“Humanity has created and accumulated numerous problems, and some of them have become serious crises which are almost beyond the usual means human beings are able to deal with them. This path that we have taken is no longer able to provide the security and order we are after. Where is a path that can promote the continual development of civilization? The only answer I can see is the immediate awakening of humanity”. Yuan Tze

In part one of this ‘Bigger Picture’ article (ed. 20 of VFF Top of the South Newsletter, July 2023) we looked at the subject of ‘waking up’ in terms of understanding the truth of what is going on in the world in physical plane reality. We called this the ‘bird’s eye view’.

In part two of this article, we’re going to dive into the true meaning of ‘waking up’, and why...

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Michael Sandler and Lee Harris: What's Coming Next for Humanity?

humanity Jul 23, 2023

This podcast is taken from the following Michael Sandler show:

Michael says:

"If you've ever wondered where Humanity is heading then do we have The Z's speak show for you.

Today I'm joined by Lee Harris, a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive, Channeler and Musician on the path ahead, addressing the burning question on everyone's mind - Will humanity make it through this transition into the new world?

We dive deep into the what transition of humanity is going through right now and what it means for you and mankind. Plus more on the signs of our collective evolution, gain clarity on our transformation from the old world into the new, and find hope for the future".

Find out more about Lee Harris:

Original Youtube video:

More from Michael Sandler: 

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Lessons in not repeating the past... and creating a better future

history Jul 15, 2023

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”

Note: the above video contains some potentially upsetting facts and images, I suggest listening rather than watching if any of the images are too upsetting. Or simply don't watch it at all...

I remember a particular day, about several months after the first lockdown, sitting at my desk and realizing how much my life had changed from what had been the 'norm'. 

For 16 years I had had a regular rhythm: work 5 days at week with, enjoy weekends off, and travel frequently. This was my life, and I enjoyed it.

However, as I sat at my desk that day, I recognized my 'regular life' was no more, and would never be the same again, for many reasons. 

One of the biggest changes was the amount of eye-popping information crossing my desk each day, teaching me things about the world I had previously not known - information which had been 'out there', but which I had been...

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Standing for Love. Standing for Truth. Standing for Freedom.

freedom love truth Jul 02, 2023

"What do you stand for"?

This was a question the presenters of the 'Wake Up and Change the World' Summit were asked on a recent panel discussion*.

It's also the key component of the 'WHY' of the 2022 New Zealand convoy to parliament to protest the mandates, which locked hundreds of thousands of Kiwis out of normal life for months, causing thousands to lose their jobs, livelihood, homes and more. 

Film screening of 'We came here for freedom' part 2, Christchurch NZ June 23

 'What do you stand for' is not a question we may often ask ourselves, but it's a great question to ask. 

Everyone who were part of the freedom convoy and parliament protests in New Zealand in February-March 2022, and are members of the 'Voices for Freedom' movement, have no doubt what they stand for: 

Freedom. Freedom of Choice. Truth. And Love.

This was abundantly clear to anyone who attended the Wellington protests, and abundantly clear if you watch the documentary ...

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What is 'The Bigger Picture'? Why do we need to understand it?

bigger picture Jun 24, 2023

After astronaut Edgar Mitchell went into space in 1971, he said his whole life changed: 

“There was a startling recognition that the nature of the universe was not as I had been taught… I not only saw the connectedness, I felt it.… I was overwhelmed with the sensation of physically and mentally extending out into the cosmos. I realized that this was a biological response of my brain attempting to reorganize and give meaning to information about the wonderful and awesome processes that I was privileged to view.”  

What he described came to be known as the 'Overview Effect' - what one sees and experiences when one has a 'Bigger Picture' view of life - and this is a useful analogy for this article.  

First of all, let's start with the phrase 'as I had been taught'.  

There are many things we have been 'taught' in life, (through our upbringing, schooling, education system, public...

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Wake Up and Change the World


In a couple of weeks the 'Wake Up and Change the World' Online Summit kicks off.

As we all know, we are living in unprecedented times, and more than ever we have to be able to self-manage our emotional and mental state to literally maintain our sanity.

The revelations of what has been - and is still - going on in the world, are rocking the foundations of many people's lives, and it is not likely that things will get easier anytime soon. I went into this topic in some detail in the recent 'Bigger Picture' series.

Topics in the upcoming 'Wake Up and Change the World' summit include:

  • Happiness: Face Your Fears and Find It
  • Developing Self-Worth for a Joyful Life
  • Awakening To Your Inner Power
  • Strengthening Your Voice of Leadership
  • Framing Your Reality Toward Unity Consciousness
  • Individual and Planetary Ascension

...and much more...

Join the Wake Up the World Online Summit Here. It's free.

I've also just started a new Bigger Picture Podcast, and...

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World Invocation Day


4th June 2023 is 'World Invocation Day'.

"As we seek to do our part in building right relations in the world, let us also invoke the aid of higher spiritual forces. The Great Invocation is a world prayer for all people of goodwill of all faiths. Please use it on World Invocation Day".

It is also the full moon in Gemini, a very important annual spiritual festival, following the previous Wesak and Easter full moon festivals.

Spiritual 'invocation' refers to the spirital science of invoking help from higher realms.

As we 'invoke' help (by asking for it) a response must come (evocation) - but only if we ask first.

This is called the 'science of invocation and evocation'.

Now more than ever humanity needs all the help it can get.

Saying the 'Great Invocation' which was given to the world by the Masters of Wisdom back in the 1940's during the great war is a powerful way to invoke help.

Anyone can do it.


Lucis Trust World Invocation Information Video (4 mins) ...

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Ai vs Divine Wisdom: the Battle of the Century

ai wisdom Jun 04, 2023

One of the hot topics of the day (well, century) is Ai (artificial intelligence). 

In the video interview above*, ex-google officer and Ai expert Mo Gawdat speaks out about the dangers of AI, saying 'we are approaching the point of no return', ie, the point when AI intelligence will outstrip human intelligence, which could cause much harm and danger.

For decades now this topic has been hinted at more and more, especially in movies. Do you remember 'Bicentennial Man' with Robin Williams, made in 1999, and the troubles this robot-man went through as his consciousness developed?

So what is it we really need to understand here?

Well, it's not just about Ai or human intelligence: it's about understanding the difference between human knowledge and divine WISDOM.

And it's about the need to learn about the different levels and dimensions of existence which constitute 'reality', and how we are mostly ignorant of many of these dimensions, at our peril. 


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A Call to Humanity for Unity

festival full moon wesak May 05, 2023

The Full Moon in Taurus, also known as the Festival of Wesak is the highlight of spiritual year.

Legend tells us that every year during the Full Moon of Taurus, the Buddha returns to the etheric level in the Wesak Valley at the foot of Mount Kailash to strengthen the Spiritual Hierarchy and bless humanity.

Aspirants, students, and initiates around the world see this event as a great moment of spiritual inspiration for the coming year.

During these last months of the “Era of the Forerunner”, we are experiencing the effects of increasing cleavages and division within our human family. We must face the fact that we, too, are divided due to our different perspectives on the events of the time.

Let us recognize the present time as our opportunity and responsibility to elevate our discipleship perception to the higher plane where unity exists despite our differences.

Only united can we fulfill our role as the bridge between the Spiritual Hierarchy and humanity.


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On Becoming a Soul-infused Personality

soul Apr 29, 2023

Some people are aware that every person has (is) both personality and Soul – ie, lower and higher self - and that our task as humans is to allow the wisdom of the Soul to guide and overcome the limited and flawed personality. This is our journey of evolution and growth, individually and collectively.

However, not many people know that all types of ORGANIZATIONS (eg banking institutions, medical institutions, food institutions…) also have a lower (personality) and higher (Soul) self, and that these entities are also striving to evolve into better versions of themselves as we move through time.

The fact that these entities / organizations are being run by the flawed personality self is evident in the world today: the corruption and chaos we see in all areas of life is indicative that the personality self is running the show, in its last ‘death throws’ as it fights to stay alive against the incoming energies of the Soul.

This personality and Soul reality also...

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