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The 'Bigger Picture' Series

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Why is humanity and the planet really in crisis? What is going on? Is there meaning? Are there deeper reasons for our troubles? Is there a way out? 

This ground-breaking video series will take a birds-eye view to explain the underlying esoteric reasons for humanity's current crises, and offer tangible solutions for making our way through. 

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'Bigger Picture' Q&A Panel

9am 10th May NZT / 2pm 9th May UK / USA

The themes of this free Q&A panel session, open to all, are: 'The suppressed hidden history of humanity' and 'How do we find meaning and purpose in life amidst the chaos?'.

Register for the Free Part One section of the Bigger Picture series below to get the Live Zoom link.

This session WILL be recorded, but only available in the Part Two (low cost) paid section of the Bigger Picture series.

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7 Ray Institute Annual Conference

Let the Radiant Temple of Humanity Be Built!

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Aquarian Wisdom Conference 2023 

European Unity: Toward Global Unification

During this time of upheaval and fragmentation in Europe, it is urgent to strike a note of unity – working esoterically and subjectively. Building a new paradigm for the Aquarian Age requires the inner subjective work of meditation and outer work of group gatherings and conferences.

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Envisioning the Redemption of Humanity:
Embracing the Inclusive and Universal Idealism of Soul and Spirit

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2020 7th Ray Conference

Every USR/SRI/Morya Federation Conference has a focus on a particular Ray–one of the Seven Rays which control so much within our solar system and local cosmos. This year our focus is upon the Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict, also called by the inspiring name, “The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art.”

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Festival of NGWS 2019 and Global Minute of Silence

The Festival of the NGWS happens every 7 years. The Global Silent Minute on 21 December 2019 at 9 pm GMT offers Humanity a unique opportunity for realisation in this unprecedented intentional synchronised silent minute. One minute of silence – the exact minute everywhere – calls on humanity to fulfil its highest potential and greatest destiny: peace on Earth.

Global Minute of Silence

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