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What will it take for humanity collectively to solve its problems?

Enlightened teacher Yuan Tze, founder of Ren Xue, tells us in a nutshell...

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(Free Online screening). 'ALREADY FREE' tells the true story of two ordinary people who reached the level of self-realization and wisdom called ‘enlightenment’. Jane Campion, Director of award-winning film 'The Piano', said "I was moved and inspired".

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What Is Awakening?

According to Yuan Tze, founder of the Ren Xue school of self-realization, 'Awakening' has two meanings:

One is awakening to the reality that life is run by all kinds of unhealthy patterns (thoughts, behaviors, emotions) and is lost in the confusion and problems caused by them. When these unhealthy patterns are transformed, and the problems are cleared, one will gain clarity. This experience can feel like waking up from a long sleep. 

The other layer of meaning refers to the state after the True Self manifests. Being in a state of pure awareness is awakening in a true sense.

Awakening is our true natural state, and everyone's destiny. 

When will this ongoing cycle of life, dominated by unhealthy patterns and loss, come to an end? This cycle has probably been going longer than one thinks. So long in fact, that it makes sense that we don’t know what we don’t know. But the only way to end it is to wake up.

Yuan Tze

Global Awakening  

Message from Yuan Tze:

In today’s society, almost everyone is leading a busy life full of commitments and responsibility. Every day is precious because it is unique and cannot be relived. And every day can be made valuable and meaningful through what we choose to do and be.

Special ‘Days’ of all kinds have been created to celebrate or remember something meaningful.

Today every individual and humanity as a whole are faced with one thing that is not only important but also urgent:


Humanity is at a crossroads, and to create a better future we need to make the right choice about the direction humanity should take. Only if we are truly awake will this be possible.

For this reason, the Global Awakening Day has been created, a symbolic event to draw attention to this important topic, and share it with all of humanity.

The Global Awakening Day is on the first Sunday of October. It will be an event shared by all of the global REN XUE family. It is hoped that with time more and more people will join and make it a special day for the whole of humanity.

In 2021, Global Awakening Day is on Sunday 3rd October. See below for details of the online guided meditation event run in association with the launch of the AWAKEN online summit. 

If you miss the live event, you can still watch the webinar replay during October! Just register and log in to watch. 

AWAKEN Summit Interview Series

18+ Teachers of Consciousness share how we can wake up to our True Nature

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18 teachers of human consciousness, including Neale Donald Walsch, Phillip Lindsay, Michael Lindfield, Yuan Tze and more share their wisdom on how we can best traverse the current crises humanity is facing, to help us create the world of equality, freedom and fraternity we truly seek.

This multi-speaker online summit interview series starts 5th October 2021.

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More about 'Awakening'

A message from enlightened teacher Yuan Tze on why the world needs to wake up...

"So at this point in time humanity is at a crossroads...

"Why is it necessary for humanity to wake up?

Because the world we live in is in crisis.

Humanity is facing all kinds of difficulties.
If things are allowed to continue in this direction, the future will look less and less bright.

If we look back to 2000, a lot has happened since then. We have all been part of the world during this period of time.

We have witnessed and experienced many disasters. We have seen the deterioration of the natural environment. Along with man-made disasters, it is difficult to see hope for the future.

None of that will be what we want to see. We all know these are not good things, but how come they still keep happening, without any sign of slowing down?

Is it nature that is out of balance, or is it humans that cause the imbalance?

If we look at only the superficial level it may not always be easy to see the direct connection.

But if we look a little bit deeper we will see that we humans are the real cause.

So if this is not what we humans want to see, and we want to see more hope for the future, what can we do?

We know that everything has its causes. If we want to change the way the world is going, and change the unfortunate events we’d rather not see, how do we do this at a causal level?

If you look at the cause, namely human beings, it will not be difficult to see why the way we are is causing problems to the world and natural environment.

We do not show much love and respect for ourselves. If we cannot truly love and respect ourselves, it will not be easy to truly love and respect others, including other humans, other forms of life and the environment we live in. So you can see that this alone can make it really difficult to create a harmonious relationship with ourselves and the outer world.

But why is it we have such difficulty showing love and respect for ourselves and others? If we look deeper it is the unhealthy patterns on the consciousness level. These patterns determine what we think and do.

In other words, our lives are controlled by our patterns, and when this is so, it’s very difficult to manifest WISDOM, because patterns lack the quality of wisdom. Instead patterns manifest the quality of IGNORANCE.

Human society is made up of all the individuals who are mainly controlled by patterns. It has been this way for a long time. Human culture and civilization has worked like this for a long long time.

So this way of operating has been going for a long period of time and a lot of problems have been created in this process. At this point of human development many crises have been part of human society for some time.

So at this point in time humanity is at a crossroads.

If we want to turn the world around, what should we do if we want to have a brighter future?

We need to work on the fundamental causes of the crises we face, and that is the unhealthy patterns which run our lives.

We need to say goodbye to them so that our TRUE SELF can start to show up and manifest its realization and wisdom.

When our lives are guided by realization and wisdom, TRUE HARMONY will be possible.

If that is how every individual human is in society, we can say goodbye to ignorance. That will require every human being to wake up.

When should this begin?

I would like to extend my invitation to do this from this very moment now.

Let’s say goodbye to the false self and its ignorance, and welcome the True Self".

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