A Call to Humanity for Self-Realization and Wisdom. 

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Launching 3rd October 2021 NZT (Global Awakening Day)

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Why is important for humanity to awaken?

18 teachers of consciousness share their wisdom on how we can best traverse the current crises humanity is facing, to help us create the world of equality, freedom and fraternity we truly seek.

This multi-speaker online interview series stars airing 5th October 2021 NZT.

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AWAKEN Summit Presenters & Topics

Neale Donald Walsch

Author, Spiritual Teacher

'The God Solution'

Discover the single statement of spiritual truth which could birth a spiritual paradigm shift of such magnitude it would produce peace and happiness on our planet at last.

Phillip Lindsay

Esoteric Astrologer

'Humanity's Hidden Destiny'

Does the key to humanity's destiny lie in its untold history dating back 21 million years? Are we on a path of self-destruction or enlightenment? Find out...

Russell Sturgess

Spiritual Director

'The Real Da Vinci Code'

Hear how he discovered the hidden key in the tarot, unlocking secret wisdom teachings lost for hundreds of years, giving clear instructions for achieving enlightenment...

Julie Blackley

Teacher of Being

'Who am I?'

In the space of Awareness there are no longer separate objects, people, things "out there". Awareness is the foundation, the "field" from which all experience appears on, in, from and returns to.  

Yuan Tze

Founder of Ren Xue

'Awaken to your True Self'

Humanity is at a crossroads, and to create a better future we need to make the right choice about the direction humanity should take. Where is a path that can promote the continual development of civilization? Come listen to the guidance of enlightened teacher Yuan Tze.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Medicine Woman

'Awakening into the Aquarian Age'

Nothing exists in isolation. Discover the secrets of awakening and the keys to enlightenment in the Aquarian Age.

Norberto Rodriguez

Self-realized teacher

'Pure Heart True Self'

As we understand the mission of Ren Xue - 'Zi du, Du Ren, (Uplift yourself and help others)' - we transform ourselves and the world.

Leonora Rose

Mystery Guide

'Alchemy of Love'

This moment offers a portal to 'the end of time' by clearing karmic timelines to return home to Self; an embodied dynamic and alive experience of Sovereignty. Together we are called to consciously create a new earth.

Janine Savient

Teacher of Love

'Dissolving Untruths'

A magnificent loving presence within every human being awaits discovery, and once reconnection is made, life transforms in the most incredibly beautiful way.

Michael Lindfield

Teacher of Divinity

'Awaken your Multi-dimensionality'

The process of waking up and realizing we are Gaians, integral and intimate aspects of the multi-dimensional eco-system of Earth, and understanding what it means to tread the path of wholeness individually and collectively to bring healing and hope to our world.

Janine Seymour

Embodied Freedom Teacher

'Embodied Freedom'

Journey to the Centre of YOU: in this new dawning the Rebirthing of  Mother Earth we are birthing ourselves a new, the new rhythms of the land, the new cycles of life as we bow πŸ™to our past and all of our initiations...


Jonathan Quintin

Sacred Geometrer

'Attune to Cosmos'

A profound order pervades the universe. It stands independent of chaos, space and time… and likely even creation itself. Sacred geometry can help us align to this natural order and experience states of higher consciousness and self-realization.

David Hopper

Ageless Wisdom Teacher

'Journey of the Soul'

Since ancient times, a vast body of spiritual or sacred teachings has been handed down to each generation; they are known as the Ageless Wisdom. This wisdom does not belong to any one culture, race, or people. It is made up of occult and esoteric writings, and information about the evolution of man’s consciousness...

Mandy Horton

Spiritual Development Educator

'Pillar of Light'

Born wide awake and conscious of herself being much more than her physical body, Mandy knew she saw the world very differently to those in her family.

"I became aware as a teenager I was not here to live my life the way it was expected of me to do so"...

Christopher Wesselingh

'Coming Back Home'

We are finding our way back home, to our connected state, and the natural experience of who and what we already are: consciousness itself - the consciousness from which we are originally from.

Daring Donna

Lover of Life

'De-commissioning your Slavecodes'

We are imprinted with ancient slave codes which are perpetuated in this modern world. Call back your original power, and the 'light codes' which are your birth right to AWAKEN into your true form of being in this Age of Transformation.

Kim Knight

Student of Life

'Spiritual Alchemy'

Why is Emotional Alchemy a necessary and essential part of the ascension process? What is the path of purification to reach your Higher Self and True Nature?

Angela Barrows

Empowerment Coach and Soul Guide

'Discover your Soul Pattern'

Discover, Connect and Align Your Soul Pattern to Access the Limitless Power of Your Soul, Learn the Keys to Live a Soul Empowered Life!

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Meet your AWAKEN Summit Host

Kim has been an avid explorer of personal development and human consciousness for over 30 years, since a major 'awakening' experience in her late 20's. Jolted out of her previous level of consciousness through an intense 'ring-pass-not' experience, it took several years to understand what had happened. Since then she has studied / trained with and learned from many teachers of wisdom, including Paramahamsa Prajnanananda (Kriya Yoga), Master Yuan Tze (Ren Xue Life Cultivation), Gangaji, Adyashanti, Phillip Lindsay, Michael Robbins, Gilles Marin and more. Kim works as a personal development coach, focusing on transformation of consciousness, emotional intelligence, chronic illness recovery, lifestyle medicine and more.

What one thing are all spiritual teachers saying...

...and advising us to do, if we want to solve our problems and current world crisis...?

A few messages for humanity from spiritual teachers around the world. 


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